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International Journal of Engineering Research And Generic Science (IJERGS)

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Volume 4 - 2018 Issue - 6


S.No. Title of Manuscript Page No Download/ PDF
1 Theoretical Investigation of Floating Solar Photovoltaic : A Review

Author: Rishabh Pandey, Shubham Jain, Raghav Maheshwari
2 A Review: Indian Automobile Industry and Analysis

Author: Ankur Dutt Sharma
3 Efficient Designing and Qualitative Analysis of Solar Thermal Cooling System Using Transol

Author: Khagendra Kumar Upman
4 An Overview of Different Types of Power Generation Methods and Techniques

Author: 1Ankit Agarwal, 2Saurabh Kumar, 3Nikhil Rawat, 4Nitin Singh Rathore
5 VLSI Implementation and Performance Evaluation of Low Pass Cascade & Linear Phase FIR Filter

Author: 1Jaya Gupta, 2Sadaf Siddiqui
6 Workspace calculation for 3D printer based on the transformation matrices and direct kinematic modeling by using screw based extrusion

Author: 1Pankaj Kumar, 2Sandeep Kumar Jhamb
7 Branchline Coupler as Duplexer

Author: 1Monika Tanwani, 2Smriti jain, 3Shailesh kapur, 4Ravinder Singh Maan
8 Comparative Analysis of Different Watermarking Techniques in Image or Information Security

Author: 1Smriti Jain, 2Er. Rajkumar Jain
9 Low Power and High Speed 6T SRAM Cell in Nanoscale CMOS Technologies

Author: 1Yogita Sahu, 2Gaurav Kumar Soni, 3Dr. Himanshu Arora, 4Shilpi Mishra
10 IoT : Smart home, Smart life

Author: Mr. Himanshu Singh1 ,Kashish Patodi2, Manish Chandak3, Disha Chhabra4
11 Design and Implementation of 8 Bit and 16 Bit ALU Using HDL Language

Author: 1Sudhanshu Vashistha , 2Ragini Kumawat, 3Tanvi Agarwal, 4Yashwant Singh Sekhawat
12 An Overview of MIMO Systems in Wireless Communications

Author: 1Gaurav Kumar Soni, 2Dimple Jangir, 3Smita Sankhla, 4Purva Sakhuja
13 An Overview of Ethical Hacking Technique to Enhance Information Security

Author: 1Vivek Kumar Jethani, 2Shalini Joshi, 3Aman Soni, 4Anuj Raj
14 Theoretical Investigation on Artificial Intelligence: Classification and Aspects

Author: 1Harshit Sharma, 2Vikas Kumar
15 A Review in the field of Blockchain for Blockchain System

Author: 1Vaishali Sharma,2Sayar Singh Shekhawat, 3Manish Choubisa
16 iTwin Technology: An Approach to enhance and increase Data Transfer Between iTwin device to mobile device

Author: 1Barsha Kumari, 2Poonam Chaturvedi , 3Anuradha
17 A Review on Democratization of Machine Learning In Cloud

Author: 1Ms.Shalini Pathak, 2Mr.Sanjay Tiwari, 3Mr.Kamlesh Gautam,4 Jitendra Joshi
18 IOT (Internet of Things): Key Features, Scope, Application and Future Scope

Author: 1Kriti Sankhla, 2Saurabh Sharma,3 Piyush Sharma, Vishal Khanjawar
19 A Review of Comparative Analysis Among Different Types of Programming Language

Author: Sourabh Banga, Nehal Gupta, Akansha Agarwal, Parveen Kumar
20 Memory Management: Virtual Memory, Paging and Page Replacement Algorithms

Author: Arsheen Qureshi1, AshwaniSharma2, Chirayu Jain3, Vaishali Sharma4
21 IoT: Smart home, smart life

Author: Mr. Himanshu Singh1, Kashish Patodi2, Manish Chandak3, Disha Chhabra4
22 A Review on Basic Database Concepts

Author: 1Bhavesh Jain, 2Pradeep Jha, 3Sameeksha Sharma, 4Prapti Pandey
23 Combined effect of GGBFS and KSPS on Compressive Strength of Concrete

Author: Anil Sharma1, Sayed Imran Ali2, Arvind Singh Gaur3
24 Fractional Calculus Results Based On Extended Gauss Hypergeometric Functions and Via Pathway Model

Author: Sunil Kumar Sharma#1, Deepti Arora#2, Kanishk Sharma#3
25 An Analysis of Recent Trends in English Language Learning in Engineering Colleges in India

Author: 1Dev Brat Gupta, 2Madhup Mishra, 3Dr. Puja Agarwal
26 Water Quality Assessment of Ground Water of Jaipur

Author: Dr.Prajyendu Mishra

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